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With about 20 years of experience in the development of automotive projects with the focus on automated and autonomous driving respectively sensor technology and sensor signal processing, eXinel has established itself as a recognized hardware technology partner of the automotive industry. A wide range of components such as backend electronics for LiDAR sensors, ECUs for sensor data fusion, radar sensors, stereo cameras or audio/video components for infotainment of our experts are now successfully in series production at leading OEMs.



Technologies & Hardware Components

In addition to hardware design, we also work for our customers and partners on requirements management, hardware architecture, verification and documentation. In addition, we design functional safety, create FMEDAs and perform first and second order error analyses as well as fault injection tests as required by ISO 26262.

The most recent example is our cooperation with Visteon Electronics in the development of the DriveCore platform for autonomous driving. Learn more about DriveCore from our customer Visteon Electronics.

As a growing platform provider in the field of autonomous driving, we have to develop new technologies particularly quickly and reliably to series maturity. The technology expertise from eXinel's broad practical experience in the areas of ADAS and autonomous driving convinced us to rely on eXinel's support. The successful collaboration has helped us to reach our ambitious milestones in hardware development in the DriveCore(TM) project. With the company eXinel we have found a very competent partner in the field of hardware design who fulfills our expectations perfectly.

Bernd Mayer - Hardware Engineering Manager // Visteon Electronics Germany GmbH

Our fields of activity


Sensor data fusion

eXinel develops control units for sensor data fusion for various Tier1 and numerous OEMs in Europe and Asia. These form the "brain" of an automated vehicle. Using automotive-specific networks, buses and components such as high-performance SoCs, time-stamped sensor data are combined and evaluated by complex algorithms. The requirements for functional safety according to ISO 26262 play an important role in the development. We have already developed control units according to the criteria of the ASIL-D safety level.



eXinel develops sensors such as LiDAR/laser scanners, radar and stereo cameras for various Tier1 and numerous OEMs. Our main focus here is backend electronics. Using powerful processors and digital signal processors, the data from the sensor front end is further processed (partly two-channel) and forwarded to the central control unit for sensor data fusion by means of automotive-specific network and bus interfaces. The requirements for functional safety according to ISO 26262 play an important role in the development.



eXinel develops components in the field of infotainment such as audio/video converter systems with digital video interfaces as well as digital and analog audio interfaces. High-speed SerDes technologies such as Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link (GMSL), Flat panel display link (FPD-Link™), Gigabit Video Interface (GVIF) or High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) are usually used to transmit image and sound information. On the analog side, Delta-sigma ADC and DAC devices are used in the audio sector.

Our experience - your advantage

You too can benefit from our relevant experience in your project!
We know the requirements of numerous OEMs. For numerous applications we have
we circuit modules that have been subjected to multiple reviews and have proven themselves in the field.

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Realized projects with well-known customers and partners



Visteon Electronics

DriveCore™ domain controller platform, Extension Board
ADAS Sensordatenfusion

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Visteon Electronics

DriveCore™ domain controller platform, Compute Board
ADAS Sensordatenfusion

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Mentor DRS360, Base Board
ADAS Sensordatenfusion

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Mentor DRS360, Interface Board
Automotive Ethernet

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LiDAR-Sensor, Backend Electronic
ADAS Sensor

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Magna SurroundVueTM
Surround View Camera ECU

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ADAS Sensordatenfusion

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ProViu®Mirro, Prototyp

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Harman Becker

GVIF Audio/Video Converter Unit


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