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Satisfied customers are our best reference! Hardware components developed by our specialists are elements in satellites, aeroplanes and cars.


The experience of company founders Stefan Enderle and Norbert Notz can be traced all the way back to 1990. In the meantime, hardware components for large-scale projects have been implemented that are now key components in satellites, aeroplanes, cars and sensors. Here are some examples of successful collaborations with companies such as Siemens, Continental, Airbus, Liebherr and other leading companies:

Sensor technology

  • Processor and interface circuit boards for safety sensors
  • Analogue signal processing electronics for optoelectronic proximity sensor

Mechanical engineering

  • Digital and analogue electronics for maritime engine control


  • Block section controller for conveyor systems
  • Electronic control unit for bus heating systems

Automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

  • Digital and analogue electronics for mobile 3D camera systems
  • Digital and analogue electronics for engine control units in utility vehicles
  • Frequency synthesizer electronics for Pulse Doppler-based automotive radar sensors

Communication technology

  • Audio/Video converter box for automotive infotainment systems
  • Interface electronics for maritime communication systems


  • Digital interface electronics for sensor data acquisition in research satellites
  • Synchronization and clock distribution unit for earth observation satellites
  • Electronic control unit for active radar antennas for earth observation satellites
  • Analogue and power electrics for a communication satellite platform


  • Motor control electronic for jet airliners (primary flight control system)
  • Actuator control electronics for regional jet airliners (primary flight control system)
  • Engine monitoring unit for military transport aircrafts
  • Digital transputer interface electronics for helicopter navigation systems
  • Memory card unit for helicopter navigation systems
  • Control electronics for integration of MEMS-based acceleration sensors into inertial measurement units

Lighting technology

  • Bus converter systems for light control systems