Your partner from idea to series production. You can decide: Individual service packages or complete project management from a single source.

Our services

eXinel develops electronic assemblies and systems for clients who operate in various sectors. From consultancy and specifications, project management and development, test & design, verification and integration to accompaniment during series production, eXinel offers the complete range of services from a single source. The eXinel range of services is structured in a modular manner:


You explain your plans to the eXinel experts during a free initial meeting. In doing so, possible approaches that already exist to solve the problem are outlined to you, thus giving you the necessary impulses to further substantiate your objective.

Requirement analysis

You do not have a complete specification sheet or any general specifications? The eXinel specialists generate a concept draft following a detailed analysis of your requirements. This draft is comprehensively presented to you and alternative solutions are compared where necessary. In doing so, you receive expert clarifications and responses to your questions. This ensures that you get what you need. The detailed requirements specification is then defined in close cooperation with you.


The individual hardware development ensures that the result is ideally adapted to utilisation in your product. In doing so, preference is given to components and solutions that ensure long-term availability and, thanks to the modular approach, also enable expansions or adaptations to be economically implemented. This also spares you from unpleasant surprises in the future.

Project management

At the same time, your project is professionally planned and monitored. The comprehensive practical experiences of the eXinel experts ensure that realistic milestones are coordinated with you and that your plans are not put at risk in terms of the schedule.

Test & design verification

Commissioning takes place once the first prototypes become available. This ensures that the developed electronic component is fully functional, works dependably and meets the specification.


The integration phase serves to ensure that the new electronic component developed on your behalf works as planned in the system.

Serial production & serial support

Do you prefer obtaining everything from a single source? eXinel also offers pilot production, batch production and serial production in cooperation with contract manufacturers. Your advantage: You have a fixed contact partner that, with the experience gained in terms of product development, accompanies the transfer into production.